Welcome to week 19 of the Covid-19 tracker. Many thanks to everyone who took part. We really appreciate it. As far as the direct effect Covid-19 has had on the health of you and your families, there was virtually no movement from the previous week. That is not too suprising as infection rates have reduced over most of the UK.

For now, we still have not recorded much movement on the employment question. It will be interesting to see if that changes from August onward as people come out of furlough. Obviously, the media has reported a number of businesses that are cutting numbers, so sadly, it may be that more people find themselves in a difficult situation in the months to come.

One thing that did register a shift last week was emotion, and not in a positive way. 51% of you are concerned, the highest total for 14 weeks. There was a jump in the number of you feeling angry, and only 24% of you feel hopeful. That’s the lowest number we’ve seen in the 19 weeks we’ve been conducting the research.

The government continues to underwhelm you, with 19% of the panel scoring them as low as we allow, and only 2% of you believing they are doing the best they can.

We ask a couple of one-off questions each week, and the first of those last week was around your intention of booking an overseas holiday in 2020. It seems most of you are strongly opposed to the idea. If we exclude the 43% of you who had no intention of holidaying abroad, that leaves 57% of our panel that intended to do so. Slightly over half of that population say they have been completely put off by the pandemic. About a third have either cancelled or a considering cancelling, and a few of you were abroad when we asked the question! Of the comparatively small number that are intending to holiday overseas this year, approximately one in six say they will NOT abide by any quarantine restrictions they are asked to follow.

We also asked you about the re-imposition of lockdown measures in parts of the north of England. Around half of you (47%) think the government got it about right, and a similar percentage of you (43%) felt the measures did not go far enough. 24% of you would have done a little more, and 19% feel they go nowhere near far enough. 10% of you felt the government went too far, with 4% of you labelling it a substantial overreaction. As you may expect, people in the region where the lockdown restrictions were imposed reacted differently to the rest of the UK. Less than 37% of those in the north west (cf 47% nationally) thought the government got things right, but 49% (cf 43%) felt they didn’t go far enough. On the other hand, 14% (cf 10%) felt they overreacted.

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