Welcome to the findings of week 26 of our Covid-19 Tracker. Well, as predicted last time, things are changing, with some of the restrictions back in place in order to control the spread of the virus. There has been a lot of mocking of the government responses in the media, lack of testing availability and also a slight sense of déjà vu!

Let us see how you responded to our questions in the last week – and thank you to all of you for responding or just reading our updates. We hope that it helps keep track of how things have evolved in the last 26 (!) weeks.

The good news is that the effect of COVID-19 on your physical and emotional health remains similar to last week, in fact, it is as low as the lowest it has been - same as in week 14 at the end of June - 51% of you, again, confirmed no issues.

The data on Question 2 (about your friends and family) is similar – no major changes to last week.

The good news is that the percentage of those still employed/working is the highest it has been at 45%. This could be due to government’s drive to get people to work safely, combined with more and more businesses accepting remote working or working with new safety measures in place as the new normal.

However, the worrying trend of how you feel about the situation continues – last week “Concerned” shot up from 43% to 55%. This week it stands at 61%! We also have the highest ever proportion of  people who feel “Angry” – 31% (up from 28% last week).
These feelings obviously reduce how hopeful one feels about the situation – we have a new low here, we are afraid, only 12% (further decline from 18% last time).

It seems you think the government has dropped the ball! We see a rising trend in how BADLY they are doing – 41% the week before, 45% last week and 49% this week (that’s for the combination of the three lowest scores 1, 2 or 3 out of 10).
In fact, the highest ever percentage of you  - 25% - gave the government 1 out of 10!

However, there is no consensus on how fast or how slowly the government should apply any measures – there is a split right down the middle with 37% thinking “too slow” and another 37% - “too fast). 27% of you are happy with the speed of decisions.

Finally we get to the guest questions this week.
We asked: “The number of virus cases are on the increase again. Who do you blame for this?” 
Well, 42% place the blame of the government and 28% on the Prime Minister personally. 29% think it is businesses not taking precautions, 20% blame young people but the majority, 78% agree that it is “Not just the young - anyone who isn’t taking care”. The Media and Scientific advisors get the lowers share here – 11% and 6% respectively. 5% think it is all just hype!

We also asked you, how often we should send you this survey, if at all, given that it has been 26 weeks! Based on your responses, we were thinking of moving to fortnightly, or monthly, BUT given recent developments, we decided to continue weekly for now. Of course, participation is voluntary, and we are grateful for any insight you provide, however often that might be.

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