Welcome to the findings from week 30 of our Covid Tracker.

“Is there going to be a lockdown?” – is the question that my teenage daughter keeps asking in the hope that she can stay home, go to bed late and sleep all morning… Whereas no-one at the moment knows the answer, we have some other data from this week to share with you.

It seems that the proportion of those you affected by Covid is the highest in the last 6 months. Now as many as 50% of you are affected in one way or another. This is mirrored by how you think others around you are doing. Now 66% of you say that your family and friends have had some sort of effect on their life with only 34% saying others have not been touched by this.

We are seeing an increase in Emotional Health problems - it is at its highest with 41% of you struggling. There is also an increase in Emotional Problems of others around you (32% of you agree with that, higher than ever before).

There is a definite rise in negative feelings reported, such as anger, concern, loneliness, desperation. We promised to follow up on why some of you feel desperate and the biggest themes are government, work and family.

There is no change in the job situation on average, but each personal story is different, of course.

Unfortunately, the government does not seem to be doing a better job… We see no improvement in their performance, but we do see a definite trend in the increasing proportion of you claiming they move too slowly. It has gone up again this week from 52% to 59%.

This leads us to the guest question this week: “Considering enhanced hygiene and safety measures we have been encouraged to follow during the pandemic, which of these are you likely to continue in the future, even if Covid goes away?”

Some of the newly acquired behaviour might stay – over 52% will wash hands more often, 48% will keep distance from people where possible, 37% will wash hands longer each time, 34% will look after their health more, 29% will shop in person less, 26% will visit public places less, 22% will wear a mask in public places.

We will keep you updated, as always, and thank you for taking part or just reading!

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