Who would have predicted last year on March 27th when we launched our first survey that one year down the line we would still be at it? Moreover, that we would still have over 2000 responses to each survey we launch, and 87% of you would still find value and enjoyment in answering our questions. Thank you for staying with us!


So, let us review how things have changed over the last 12 months.


A month after the first lockdown we had 55% saying your health has NOT been affected. The good news is that after a year this has only dropped to 46%, as opposed to the worst-case scenario that one might have imagined. Those with mild symptoms and not tested remained at 7-8% throughout the year. By the end of the year a further 4% had mild COVID symptoms confirmed by the test. However, the impact on the population’s emotional health has been huge, starting at 31% affected at the start and going up to 42%. Still, from the end of May 2020 to March 2021 is only rose from 39% tom 42% showing that resilience is very much in the British character.


Sadly, by now one fifth of you know someone close who passed away with COVID over the last year. Our sincere condolences to everyone affected.


Surprisingly, despite a massive disruption to life in the UK, the employment situation overall has remained steady, with employers adapting to new conditions and also making use of the government help. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses have been affected and may never be able to come back. Some big retailers have also taken a hit with permanent store closures and loss of jobs.


Understandably, emotions have been all over the place in the last year with ups in concerned being mirrored by downs in hope and vice-versa. Concern was the highest at 65% at the start of the pandemic, with further peaks between September and November 2020 and then again at the end of December 2020 – beginning of January 2021, when we entered a new lockdown. Hopefulness peaked at the start of December with 46% to drop again almost straight after. It is at 52% now, a slight drop from 56% in February, perhaps dampened by the uncertainly around summer holidays.


Let us quickly jump to the question about what you missed most in the last year, and indeed ability to travel is the 3rd highest mention with 35%. Disruption to social life, entertainment and hobbies is in 2nd place with 40% and ability to see family and friends is at the top with 67%. Only 4% of you report no disruption to your life during the pandemic.


Looking at the government’s handling of the pandemic data we collected over the year, it started OK (88% scored it 5 or above out of 10), then it dropped in the middle of the year with only 50% rating them OK or better, and now they seem to be slowly regaining the approval with 71%. We also asked you this time to look back over the government’s handling of the pandemic in the last year as a whole (specifically rating your part of the country) and 59% think it was OK or better overall.

Make of it as you will, but the good news is that we may have possibly overcome the worst and things may only improve with now 61% of you vaccinated and a further 4% with an appointment. Despite some refusals to be vaccinated (3%) and some uncertainly over child vaccinations, things are moving in the right direction.


We wish you a healthy and happy April!

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