We asked you if you would like us to carry on tracking the Covid situation and most of you -60% - agreed that we should run one more survey and then pause. So, this is what we are going to do. 32% do not mind.

This week sees the mood slightly down, no doubt due to the Indian variant in the UK.  “Feeling hopeful” went down from 58% to 53% and “feeling concerned” went from 31% to 35%. Other emotions seem unchanged.

Looking at the government’s handling of the pandemic, the rating has taken a dip and those giving bottom scores of 1-4 have gone up from 27% to 31%. 34% also feel the government is currently moving too quickly compared to 23% last month.

We asked you about hugging, and the responses were pretty much equally split between “I do not tend to hug”, “I will hug nearest and dearest as before” and “stay away from hugging a bit longer”. So, 1/3 remains cautious. Though only 5% are going to go into a hugging frenzy, watch out!

We were also curious about eating out… 41% will start going out cautiously, 15% will go all out and make the most of it, another 15% do not tend to eat out anyway. 29% are still going to refrain from going to restaurants for a bit longer.

We seem to have missed the question on vaccinations this time, we will reinstate it, promise, to see how we are doing.

We wish you to stay positive and healthy and please, look out for one more survey at the end of June.

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