So, here we are after 68 weeks of doing this survey about Covid-19! This will be our final findings for now.

We hope that the world can move forward and adapt enough to carry on normal or near normal life. But what do you think at this point?


Well, it seems that the majority of you are feeling apprehensive about lifting restrictions!

77% think it is too early and 86% think masks should continue to be worn!!!

68% are intent on continuing to wear masks themselves in most places and a further 22% will do in some places. Only 8% said they would not wear a mask!


This week sees the level of concern jumped from 35% last time we reported to 54%! And hope went down from 53% to 34%.

39% think the government are doing a bad job at the moment (bottom 3 scores out of 10)

…with 21% rating its job as 1!



63% think that the government is moving too fast and would prefer more caution.

Of course, this is a consumer perspective and if we did a survey among businesses, I am sure the results would be very different, and of course, the PM has to balance views of both sides.


The good news is that 90% of you report having been vaccinated (78% with two doses)! This aligns with the official statistics.

This week we also register the level of employment, which is back to start of the pandemic – 45%, which is probably good news, as not many people lost their jobs straight away at the start.


Lastly, here is a summary of how your personal health….


 …. and that of your friends and family has been affected over the last 68 weeks.

At this point, we would like to wish you to stay healthy and positive, to enjoy your family and friends and to come back to us for more surveys in the future!



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